Monday, December 22, 2014

The life of a raindrop

The life of a raindrop .....

The life of a raindrop
As short as it may be
It's more intense than one can see
Tear drop is born
As easy as bleeding from a thorn
Clouds making love
Attraction and anger
Storm conceived by the twist of a hanger
Its only purpose to fall from the sky
To save us mortals, predestined to die
A muse for the wind
Siberian roughness
Used and abused , invasion of darkness

At times  it lands on the leaf of the tree
Happy for a moment, as brief as it may be
Explosion of colour, texture and feeling
Passion and love bleeding
Raindrop making love with the tree
As short and intense as it may be
The raindrop falls to the ground
Fulfilling its purpose without making a sound …..

Transcending time and space
Raindrops cleaning the  sins of the human race
Again and again , with no regrets and remorse
Dusting away  vulgarity dressed up as corpse
It dies …. then it flies
Dies only to be reborn
To bleed again and again when stung by a thorn
To remind the world that there is no black and white
It  only takes fraction of a second a fire to ignite…..

The life of a raindrop as short as it may be

It's  more powerful  than you and I can see….