Thursday, November 20, 2014

A tree.......

A Tree..........

If you asked me what I want to be 
Very easy, I'd be a tree...
Reaching my branches to the sky 
Imagining I can fly 
Feeding my roots in the ground 
Exploding of joy, yet silent, making no sound......

A silent tree 
That belongs to the world , yet to nobody 
A tree that changes it's colors but not it's soul
Full of compassion that springs from a never ending fox hole 

Surviving sun, thunder and rain
Being the silent witness of love and pain....
Dancing with the wind
Melting with the sun 
Sculpting with ice and snow
Watching the delicate creatures bellow 

So if you asked me what I wanted to be 
The answer is easy ...

A Tree!

Un arbre conçu du bonheur
Qui voit toutes tes peines et  douleurs
Qui guérit  toutes tes blessures
Et donne d’amour sans mesure ...

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