Monday, September 9, 2013

When emotions hit you hard ....

When emotions hit you hard ...

Back in London....
I meet a friend and I end up in an emotional paradise, a home of an artist..... I walk in and I feel nervous , all these works of art in front of me....I did not expect this.
The artist , a bohemian man with colorful wardrobe, that sleeps on the floor, and maybe had one too many glasses of wine.... I let myself feel, I am overwhelmed with emotion .....I am not in a museum I am in a someone's home....ART IN CONTEXT....I meet the man I see his work....
A funny character, he steals me from my friends and  takes me to the local pub, introduces me to his friends ...I felt embarrassed and left....
We exchanged few words, but I feel his art talked to me more than words will ever ......Emotion, emotion, emotion......I have never felt so disturbed and happy at the same time.....I leave, I am still buzzing.
I visited countless museums , but nothing compares to this. Art is supposed to stir emotions, and so it has, never felt so connected with a piece of art before....I need to let it out ...
I come home and draw like crazy, my hands are shaking , I can't think straight, whats wrong with me?
Whats wrong with me?

This is what came out of it ......I hate it !!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back in London..........

Here I am back in London..... dwelling for weeks...staring at my drawing pads, remembering Paris..............
I could never be more grateful for the liberating experience that I had with the drawing group of my soul, my life will never be the same....
But here I am now, so numb and sad, and busy, and tired....overwhelmed with feelings and fear and love....

I miss you all so much it hurts........

Have not touched a pencil in weeks and I  feel sad and lonely.

To stare?
When you have it in your hand
And you know it can melt in a second
Do you stop and stare?
 Is it enough to know it’s there?
Or should you look and walk away
Letting your numb glaze stray?
Covered in light, but still you can’t see
The poison behind the possibility 
Eyes wide open and dusty skin
The most difficult fight is the one within
Daggers of feelings, chaos of color
Useless thoughts that don’t worth a dollar
You walk and you walk
But never talk
And once again you  feel  it
Its there...
Is it time to move on,  or stare in despair.....?!!??!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

La Bellevilloise , 31st May 2013

So here I am, just finished my exams, a few weeks before I leave Paris, and I get an invite to an amazing event, Les Ateliers Noubas . It was artistic heaven, there were artists posing for us to draw, there was several shows, live music, good atmosphere, fantastic friends and inspiring stories...........One thing in common, that brought us all together : desire to let go through  art ....( except a weird guy that thought he was the King of Art, he was good but his attitude not really inspiring :-)). 
Thank you all............

And so it begins : 

5 minutes pose ...

10 minutes pose

15 minutes....

few minutes :-))

1 minute...

1 minute

can't remember ...:-))

Going nuts with charcoal , drawing without really looking :-)

And here goes Markus Mann , great music good atmosphere
I tried to draw him, not easy as he kept on moving ( obviously) , it was funny doing it though             

Now that I look at what I did, its so different to my other posts................

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Henrik's goodbye .......20th May 2013

We were planing for a picnic in the park , and even though I had ordered some sun  we didn't get any. Dov was kind enough to host us at his place, for a full day of laughter, food, live music, tai chi, great company and
tons of ideas and creativity floating in the air. 
It was also Henrik's last day with us..... 

To start of with, I decided I need a challenge, so I restricted myself, to using only black and only straight lines as much as possible.

So here we go :

I started off by drawing Dov while he was playing the guitar for us

this one was done not looking at the paper, but at Dov

Somewhere along the way I stopped drawing him, and started drawing his songs:

Then we started a nice exercise , that I really love, drawing together with other people. What was interesting that we limited ourselves to certain types of lines. 

Killing my feminine side....( with Henrik) 
( with Henrik)
( with Henrik) 

with Henrik ( doing the curvy lines), Hazem ( doing the shading) and myself  ( only straight lines) 

                  And as it was Henrik's last session with us , I wanted to post two of his drawings that really show his metamorphosis, freedom of expression and joy.  I am impressed .....

Henrik-  weeks ago ...

Henrik Today ..........

And finally , this came out while having a nice chat and not really thinking about anything at all.....

PS. For more have a look at :

Monday, May 13, 2013

Seeing the unseen scene..., Musée d'Art Moderne 12th May 2013

Few weeks back , I was asked to run an abstract session  by the same person that inspired me create this blog, Dov ( or maybe White Dove).  I accepted without really thinking about it.

 A week ago when I realized I am doing it, I started to organised myself, plan, think, over-think.....didn't really make a difference. 

Big day came, there I  was me in front of a bunch of people, some whom I knew, some which I met for the first time....Usually I don't even think about it when I have to do public speaking , but this time it was different, because I was trying to verbalize the  internal  process of my creativity ..........
I tried an interesting exercise, attempting to bring people closer to what I do: one person was looking at a painting and express the feelings they get when they see it and than the rest of the group had to draw according to what they heard without looking at the actual painting ... Now that I look back, it was a fantastic method, as it combined art consumption, inter-personal interaction, creativity  and lots of fun. 

What struck me the most was the different interpretation people had of the same 3 words, such a rainbow of colors and feelings.....I was mesmerized by the freedom and passion that people put into it, I also loved how they expressed their vision both through color and lines but also through words , giving me a lot to reflect on both intellectually and emotionally .......It was a true source of inspiration. 

I haven't smiled so much in a long time. 
To sum up : It was great fun!

This is what I came up with that day : 

Sad, torment, light, despair, emptiness 

pride, confidence, hurt 

weather, water, darkness 

life, happiness, links 

energy, freedom, wind 

boat , gold, power 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mirrors ...........

My friend Eva Rueskamp finally had the courage to share some of her poems, and she chose to share with me. This one in particular inspired me, therefore I am sharing with you ..................
Thank you Eva. 


 by Eva Rueskamp 

I look, look and look so hard
And hate that what I see
Sometimes I feel like Dorian Grey
 Though there is no painting to rot away instead of me

I look, look and look so hard
And hate that what I see
Sometimes I feel like the Evil Queen
My heart and soul burning in the fire of jealousy

Looking so hard that mirrors burst
A thousand pieces
Reflecting a thousand times
All that which I so hard try not to see
In awful misery

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Drawing feelings...states of mind , 5th May 2013

Once again another fantastic experience with the drawing group, this time the theme was : drawing feelings or states of mind......and so we did, thanks to Henrik and his unleashed creativity :-). 
In the first part we drew alone, and that was fun, but in the second part we did a very interesting exercise  drawing through someone else , my idea while someone else was drawing according to the  instructions given. It was fantastic I learned so much about my own style but also about other techniques and ways to draw ...............It feels good. 

Unprepared in front of a group ( hope that's not me next week)

Drunk driving 

Spring fever 

Happy about being unhappy 

Punk dancing in a toilet ( I think it was happening only in his head) 

Its impossible to be angry when your Harley Davidson is pink  :-) 

I lost my teddy bear 
Done by Hazem, under my guidance. It was my idea but his hand, it was a great learning experience for both of us, and I am very proud of what he did.......

Top half is me drawing instructed by Hazem, second half  him drawing under my instruction.
I am very proud of this one.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Louvre, 28th April 2013, Paris

Drawing at the Louvre was interesting, someone offered to buy my painting and the security guard surprised me with his interpretation of my work ....


The pyramid 

People in the queue 

La Geode, 20th April 2013 , Paris

Interesting experience, starting drawing outside, and then moved inside and had a taster of drawing states of mind..........
Drowning slowly with an increasing feeling of panic 
The feeling when you think other people are happier than you 
Cold and sunny 
Tree reflection